World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Poland v Japan
Thursday, June 28, 2018
 Full TimeFS1/NBCU
 0-1J. Bednarek  59'
POLJ. Bednarek  59' 0-1
HT: 0-0
Volgograd Arena (Attendance: 42,189)
Referee: Janny Sikazwe
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Japan vs. Poland
Minute Commentary
90' Japan move on
Though it was not the prettiest game for Japan, the results are such that they got the outcome they needed with them making it to the next stage of the tournament. Japan threatened early on but after conceding the goal they played passively to not concede a second. Poland looked like a much better team this game as opposed to how they looked against Colombia and Senegal. They were rewarded with a goal and their first points of the tournament. Poland will still go home disappointed with their performances at this World Cup. Japan are elated and will face either England or Belgium in the round of 16.
90' It's over
The game comes to an end with Poland winning the game but Japan are still moving on from the group if the results hold
90' Three more minutes
There will be at least three more minutes played at the end of this game. Japan are desperately trying to see this game out without getting any more yellow cards or goals conceded.
86' Japan play passively
Japan know they are currently in a position to move on from this group. Because of that, the team is playing conservatively and are trying to not concede another goal before the game is over.
82' Almost an own goal
Kamil Grosicki has been a menace on the right side of the field for Poland. He is constantly beating defenders and putting in dangerous crosses. His latest cross gets met by Tomoaki Makino but his clearance almost goes in his own net. Eiji Kawashima is forced to push the ball away and out of bounds.
82' Japan sub
Makoto Hasebe comes on for Yoshinori Muto. Hasebe is a more defensive player. Japan currently will advance due to the result in the other game as Colombia leads Senegal. Japan will not want to concede another goal.
79' Changes for Poland
Poland make two substitutions with Lukasz Teodorczyk replacing Piotr Zielinski and Slawomir Peszko comes on for Rafal Kurzawa.
74' Lewandowski misses
Another counter-attack for Poland has Kamil Grosicki running down the right side onto the ball and he slides a cross to Robert Lewandowski. The Polish striker completely miss hits the ball and it sails over for a goal kick.
72' Close to an equalizer
Gaku Shibasaki's corner kick meets the head of Maya Yoshida but his header is too high and far to be on target. Japan are close to finding their goal but still find themselves down in this game.
70' Inui lights a spark
Takashi Inui has come into the game and provided more pace down the left for Japan. He put in a cross that was curling to the far post for a Japanese player but the ball curls too much and goes out for a goal kick.
66' Makino earns a yellow
Tomoaki Makino earns the first yellow card of the game for a silly foul on Robert Lewandowski in his defensive half. He has gifted a dangerous freekick to Poland.
65' Japan substitution
Japan makes their second sub of the game. Takashi Usami comes off on the left side for a like-minded player in Takashi Inui.
63' Japan pushing
Since conceding the goal, Japan has had possession and are pushing for an equalizer that will allow them to move on in the tournament. They are lacking that clinical quality though to finish off an attack with a goal.
59' Poland score
Poland earned a free kick in the Japanese half near the penalty area. Rafal Kurzawa swings in the ball and Jan Bednarek gets his boot to it at the far post and the ball finds the back of the net to give Poland their first ever lead this tournament.
57' Japan wins a corner
A long ball from Yuto Nagatomo is chased down and kept in by Yoshinori Muto on the left side of the field near Poland's penalty area. Muto gives it to Takashi Usami who wins a corner for his team. Off the corner Tomoaki Makino attempts an athletic kick with the intention of scoring but his shot misses the target and goes out for a goal kick.
53' Poland close
Poland earn a fast-break down the right side of the field. Kamil Grosicki takes the ball forward with pace and puts in a low cross that is intended for Piotr Zielinski but Eiji Kawashima rushes out from goal and gathers the ball before it reaches the Polish attacker.
52' Great cross
Takashi Usami gets the ball on the left side of the field near the Polish penalty box. He whips in a fantastic cross at the box but Artur Jedrzejczyk is there to head the ball away before it reaches a Japanese attacker.
50' Poland attacking
Poland have controlled the ball in the Japan half for most of this second half. Despite maintaining possession, Poland have not gotten off any good shots off and have not threatened the goal much.
47' Early second half sub
Japan make a substitution just two minutes into the second half. Shinji Okazaki is replaced by Yuya Osako. Okazaki looked a bit injured and tired.
46' Second half starts
Japan get the second half started with teams looking to break the deadlock.
45' Goalkeepers shine
There have been some exciting moments in this match and both teams have come close to scoring but both Eiji Kawashima and Lukasz Fabianski have produced excellent saves to keep the game scoreless. Poland has held possession but have not done much when they have that possession, they look more threatening on the counter-attack. Japan has defended well while also getting the ball down the field for attacks. Shinji Okazaki has been everywhere on the field to help his team and has come close to scoring himself. Once again Robert Lewandowski has not had too big of an impact on this game.
45' Half-time
The whistle is blown for half-time. It goes 0-0 into the half.
45' One more minute
There will be one added minute of injury time at the end of the first half.
45' Weather affecting play
The excessive heat today may be affecting some of the play in this match. Players are not as quick and are frequently heading over to grab a water break.
40' Japan attacking
Though Poland have had strong counter-attacks it has been Japan that has threatened the most when attacking in this first half. Most recent they have won a corner on the right side after Shinji Okazaki narrowly misses a header and the ball hits a polish defender before going out. The corner gets cleared before Japan gets a good shot.
37' Back and forth
Japan have a dangerous attack in Poland's half but are unable to finish it off. Poland make a quick break and Maya Yoshida has to come up with great defending to prevent the ball from reaching the charging Robert Lewandowski.
35' Fabianski at the other end
Japan threaten down the right side of the field. Takashi Usami puts in shot from the right side of the penalty area and Lukasz Fabianski deals with the shot well. He parries the ball and collects it afterwards.
32' What a save
Eiji Kawashima comes up with a magnificent save off of a Kamil Grosicki header. Kawashima dives to his right and gets his hand to the ball to keep it out of the net and the ball gets cleared behind for a Poland corner. This is the first time Eiji Kawashima has been tested by his was up to the task to stop a great shot by Grosicki.
27' Japan attack
Hiroki Sakai gets the ball on the right side and throws in a threatening cross that is cleared by Kamil Glik. The ball goes behind for a Jpana corner which Gaku Shibasaki takes. The corner is cleared out by Robert Lewandowski.
25' Game opens up
Both teams are opening up a bit more and are having better attacking chances. Attacking moves are being finished off with shots and teams are getting penetration through the backline. Japan is focusing more on long balls in while Poland build up plays through passing.
20' Muto wasteful
A ball that just looked like a clearance by Hiroki Sakai bounces into the Polish half and Yoshinori Muto brings down the ball under his control. He is unable to get a shot off. On the reverse side of that, Poland fight their way down field and get a cross that just narrowly misses Rafal Kurzawa on the far post.
16' Fabianski tested again
Japan work the ball down the field and get it to the top of the penalty area. Gotoku Sakai picks up the ball and takes his shot but Lukasz Fabianski is able to easily grab the ball.
13' Japan with another shot
This time, Japan's shot is on goal. A long ball is nodded down to Yoshinori Muto. He takes a shot that makes it on-frame. Lukasz Fabianski makes the save and pushes the ball away to the side. He has been tested early but was up to the task.
12' Japan with a shot
Jan Bednarek gives the ball away with an incredibly poor pass near his own penalty area. Yoshinori Muto picks up the ball and takes it to the left though he could have passed it to the on-rushing Shinji Okazaki. Muto does lay the ball off to Yuto Nagatomo whose cross makes contact with Okazaki's head. The striker's header goes wide of the post.
11' A period of lull
Both teams are playing passes in their defensive half and at midfield. Though they have had good attacking plays so far. there has not been a single shot on goal in this game.
7' Poland give-away
Artur Jedrzejczyk gives the ball away in the Japanese half and wastes a good attacking play by Poland. Japan look to break but are slowed down by a tackle from Bartosz Bereszynski though they do maintain possession.
5' Poland on the break
Poland win the ball in midfield and make a quick break down the right side by way of Piotr Zielinski. Zielinski gets his cross in at Robert Lewandowski but the striker gets caught up with ball and is unable to get a shot off.
1' Early chance for Japan
Yuto Nagatomo launches a fantastic long ball that almost finds its' way to Shinji Okazaki but Lukasz Fabianski is there to stop the danger and prevent Okazaki from getting a shot.
1' Kick-off
Poland gets the game started. Japan will be playing in blue and Poland are wearing their white jersey's.
0' Teams on the field
The two teams have made their way onto the field for the national anthems. Japan fight to move on while Poland fights for pride.
0' Group H - Matchday 3 - Japan vs Poland
Not many fans expected Japan to be at the top of their group but they have earned that position through their play in the first two games. In Japan’s first game against Colombia, they were given a gift by way of a Carlos Sanchez red card in the third minute of the match. From there Japan ground out a win and grab three points over the favored South American side. In their second match against Senegal, they produced two goals in a draw. It was one of the most exciting games of the tournament from two teams that were not expected to go far. They now face an already knocked out Poland team who are playing for pride and their first point in the tournament. Japan only needs a draw to advance to the next round and that result seems likely over a struggling Polish side whereas Japan are finding their rhythm. Japan have made a host of changes to their team that faced Senegal. Tomoaki Makino, comes in for Gen Shoji, Hotaru Yamaguchi, Shinji Okazaki, Takashi Usami, Yoshinori Muto, and Gotoku Sakai earn a start. Japan have great quality on the bench with playmaker Shinji Kagawa and goal scorers Yuya Osako, Takashi Inui, and Keisuke Honda, to bring to the game if needed. Japan are favored and have a great shot of moving on to the next round for the first time since 2010 where they fell to Paraguay on penalties.<br> Poland have been embarrassed this tournament after entering the World Cup as a top 10 team according to the FIFA rankings. With only one goal to their name and two losses Poland were eliminated after their second game against Colombia. This game is all for pride with the team looking for their first point at this tournament. A few changes have been made to the team though they will keep the same formation. Rafal Kurzawa, Artur Jedrzejczyk, Kamil Grosicki, and Kamil Glik start in the field while Lukasz Fabianski will replace Wojciech Szcesny in goal. Robert Lewandowski remains the best player and talisman for this Polish side. Not much can be expect from this team against Japan but if Lewandowski is able to find his scoring boots they could get a result.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Eiji Kawashima1
Hiroki Sakai19
Maya Yoshida22
66' Tomoaki Makino20
Yuto Nagatomo5
Hotaru Yamaguchi16
Gaku Shibasaki7
Gotoku Sakai21
47' Shinji Okazaki9
65' Takashi Usami11
82' Yoshinori Muto13
Masaaki Higashiguchi12
Kosuke Nakamura23
Wataru Endo6
Gen Shoji3
Naomichi Ueda2
65' Takashi Inui14
82' Makoto Hasebe17
Shinji Kagawa10
Keisuke Honda4
Genki Haraguchi8
Ryota Oshima18
47' Yuya Osako15
22Lukasz Fabianski
18Bartosz Bereszynski
15Kamil Glik
5Jan Bednarek 59' 
21Rafal Kurzawa 79'
10Grzegorz Krychowiak
6Jacek Goralski
3Artur Jedrzejczyk
19Piotr Zielinski 79'
9Robert Lewandowski
11Kamil Grosicki
1Wojciech Szczesny
12Bartosz Bialkowski
20Lukasz Piszczek
2Michal Pazdan
4Thiago Cionek
17Slawomir Peszko 79'
16Jakub Blaszczykowski
13Maciej Rybus
8Karol Linetty
14Lukasz Teodorczyk 79'
7Arkadiusz Milik
23Dawid Kownacki
Akira Nishino 
Adam Nawalka 
1Eiji Kawashima
19Hiroki Sakai
22Maya Yoshida
20Tomoaki Makino
Yellow Card 66'
5Yuto Nagatomo
16Hotaru Yamaguchi
7Gaku Shibasaki
21Gotoku Sakai
9Shinji Okazaki
Substitution Yuya Osako (on) 47'
11Takashi Usami
Substitution Takashi Inui (on) 65'
13Yoshinori Muto
Substitution Makoto Hasebe (on) 82'
12Masaaki Higashiguchi
23Kosuke Nakamura
6Wataru Endo
3Gen Shoji
2Naomichi Ueda
14Takashi Inui
Substitution Takashi Inui (on) 65'
17Makoto Hasebe
Substitution Makoto Hasebe (on) 82'
10Shinji Kagawa
4Keisuke Honda
8Genki Haraguchi
18Ryota Oshima
15Yuya Osako
Substitution Yuya Osako (on) 47'
Akira Nishino 
22Lukasz Fabianski
18Bartosz Bereszynski
15Kamil Glik
5Jan Bednarek
Goal 59'
21Rafal Kurzawa
Substitution Slawomir Peszko (on) 79'
10Grzegorz Krychowiak
6Jacek Goralski
3Artur Jedrzejczyk
19Piotr Zielinski
Substitution Lukasz Teodorczyk (on) 79'
9Robert Lewandowski
11Kamil Grosicki
1Wojciech Szczesny
12Bartosz Bialkowski
20Lukasz Piszczek
2Michal Pazdan
4Thiago Cionek
17Slawomir Peszko
Substitution Rafal Kurzawa (off) 79'
16Jakub Blaszczykowski
13Maciej Rybus
8Karol Linetty
14Lukasz Teodorczyk
Substitution Piotr Zielinski (off) 79'
7Arkadiusz Milik
23Dawid Kownacki
Adam Nawalka 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
JapanJPN PolandPOL
0 Goals 1
0 Assists 1
10 Shots 11
3 Shots on Goal 2
2 Saves 3
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
18 Crosses 25
5 Corner Kicks 7
1 Offside 0
11 Fouls Committed 8
1 Cautions/Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
53% Ball Possession 47%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Eiji Kawashima 90 - 0 0 1 2
5Yuto Nagatomo 90 0 0 0 - -
7Gaku Shibasaki 90 0 0 0 - -
9Shinji Okazaki 47 0 0 0 - -
11Takashi Usami 65 0 0 0 - -
13Yoshinori Muto 82 0 0 0 - -
16Hotaru Yamaguchi 90 0 0 0 - -
19Hiroki Sakai 90 0 0 0 - -
20Tomoaki Makino 90 0 1 0 - -
21Gotoku Sakai 90 0 0 0 - -
22Maya Yoshida 90 0 0 0 - -
14Takashi Inui 25 0 0 0 - -
15Yuya Osako 43 0 0 0 - -
17Makoto Hasebe 8 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
22Lukasz Fabianski 90 - 0 0 0 3
3Artur Jedrzejczyk 90 0 0 0 - -
5Jan Bednarek 90 1 0 0 - -
6Jacek Goralski 90 0 0 0 - -
9Robert Lewandowski 90 0 0 0 - -
10Grzegorz Krychowiak 90 0 0 0 - -
11Kamil Grosicki 90 0 0 0 - -
15Kamil Glik 90 0 0 0 - -
18Bartosz Bereszynski 90 0 0 0 - -
19Piotr Zielinski 79 0 0 0 - -
21Rafal Kurzawa 80 0 0 0 - -
14Lukasz Teodorczyk 11 0 0 0 - -
17Slawomir Peszko 10 0 0 0 - -
JapanJPN vs. PolandPOL
Minute Event
90+4' Game Over Japan 0-1 Poland
90+4' Half Over Japan 0-1 Poland
90+1' Injury Time (Poland)
89' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
88' Cross Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland) - Completed Pass
88' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
88' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
86' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
82' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
82' Corner Kick Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
82' Shot Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
82' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Off Target
82' Corner Kick Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Off Target
82' Substitution Makoto Hasebe (on). Y. Muto (off). (Japan)
81' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Clearance In Play
80' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
80' Substitution Slawomir Peszko (on). Kurzawa (off). (Poland)
79' Substitution Lukasz Teodorczyk (on). Zielinski (off). (Poland)
79' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
78' Shot Kamil Glik (Poland)
78' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Off Target
78' Corner Kick Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Off Target
78' Cross Piotr Zielinski (Poland) - Headed Out - Out of Play
77' Free Kick Grzegorz Krychowiak (Poland)
77' Foul Goralski fouled by Hotaru Yamaguchi (Japan)
77' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
76' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
75' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
74' Shot Robert Lewandowski (Poland)
74' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Off Target
73' Throw-In Gotoku Sakai (Japan)
73' Goal Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
72' Shot Maya Yoshida (Japan)
72' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Off Target
72' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Off Target
71' Cross Yuya Osako (Japan) - Blocked
71' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Clearance In Play
71' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
70' Goal Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
70' Cross Takashi Inui (Japan) - Directly Out
69' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
69' Free Kick Kamil Glik (Poland)
68' Foul Bereszynski fouled by Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
68' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
68' Shot Kamil Grosicki (Poland)
68' Cross Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland) - Off Target
67' Free Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
67' Foul Y. Osako fouled by Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
67' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
67' Free Kick Kamil Grosicki (Poland)
66' Yellow Card Tomoaki Makino (Japan)
66' Foul Lewandowski fouled by Tomoaki Makino (Japan)
66' Free Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
65' Substitution Takashi Inui (on). T. Usami (off). (Japan)
65' Offside Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
64' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
64' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Directly Out
64' Shot Piotr Zielinski (Poland)
64' Free Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
63' Foul Glik fouled by Yuya Osako (Japan)
62' Shot Takashi Usami (Japan)
62' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
62' Cross Takashi Usami (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
62' Cross Gotoku Sakai (Japan) - Completed Pass
59' Goal Jan Bednarek (Poland). Assist by Kurzawa
59' Shot on Goal Jan Bednarek (Poland)
59' Cross Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - On Target
59' Free Kick Rafal Kurzawa (Poland)
59' Foul Kurzawa fouled by Hotaru Yamaguchi (Japan)
58' Goal Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
58' Shot Tomoaki Makino (Japan)
58' Shot Yoshinori Muto (Japan)
58' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Off Target
58' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Completed Pass
57' Cross Takashi Usami (Japan) - Clearance Out of Play
57' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
56' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
55' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
53' Shot Takashi Usami (Japan)
53' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
52' Goal Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
52' Cross Takashi Usami (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
52' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
51' Free Kick Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
51' Foul Y. Osako fouled by Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
51' Free Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
50' Foul T. Usami fouled by Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
50' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
50' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
49' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
49' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
49' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Blocked
48' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
48' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
47' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
47' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
47' Substitution Yuya Osako (on). S. Okazaki (off). (Japan)
47' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
46' Goal Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
46' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
46' Start Half
45+2' Half Over Japan 0-0 Poland
45+1' Injury Time (Poland)
45' Free Kick Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
45' Foul Bednarek fouled by Yoshinori Muto (Japan)
45' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
45' Cross Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland) - Directly Out
44' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
43' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
43' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
41' Shot Tomoaki Makino (Japan)
41' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Off Target
41' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Off Target
40' Cross Takashi Usami (Japan) - Headed Out - Out of Play
40' Cross Takashi Usami (Japan)
40' Corner Kick Takashi Usami (Japan)
39' Cross Hiroki Sakai (Japan) - Completed Pass
39' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
38' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
37' Shot Rafal Kurzawa (Poland)
37' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
37' Corner Kick Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
35' Free Kick Grzegorz Krychowiak (Poland)
35' Foul Zielinski fouled by Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
35' Shot on Goal Takashi Usami (Japan)
33' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
33' Shot Jacek Goralski (Poland)
33' Cross Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
33' Corner Kick Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
32' Shot on Goal Kamil Grosicki (Poland)
32' Cross Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland) - On Target
32' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
31' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
30' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
29' Free Kick Jan Bednarek (Poland)
29' Foul Krychowiak fouled by Shinji Okazaki (Japan)
28' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
28' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
27' Cross Hiroki Sakai (Japan) - Headed Out - Out of Play
27' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
27' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
27' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
26' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
24' Free Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
24' Foul Y. Nagatomo fouled by Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
23' Shot Rafal Kurzawa (Poland)
23' Free Kick Grzegorz Krychowiak (Poland)
23' Foul Bereszynski fouled by Takashi Usami (Japan)
22' Cross Takashi Usami (Japan)
22' Free Kick Takashi Usami (Japan)
22' Foul S. Okazaki fouled by Kamil Glik (Poland)
22' Free Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
21' Foul H. Yamaguchi fouled by Kamil Glik (Poland)
21' Cross Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - Foul
21' Corner Kick Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - Foul
20' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Headed Out - Out of Play
20' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
19' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
19' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
18' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Blocked
17' Free Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
17' Foul T. Usami fouled by Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
16' Shot on Goal Gotoku Sakai (Japan)
15' Shot Robert Lewandowski (Poland)
15' Free Kick Jacek Goralski (Poland)
14' Foul Kurzawa fouled by Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
14' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
13' Cross Shinji Okazaki (Japan) - Blocked
13' Shot on Goal Yoshinori Muto (Japan)
13' Goal Kick Lukasz Fabianski (Poland)
12' Shot Shinji Okazaki (Japan)
12' Cross Yuto Nagatomo (Japan) - Off Target
12' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
11' Throw-In Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
11' Cross Yuto Nagatomo (Japan) - Directly Out
9' Free Kick Grzegorz Krychowiak (Poland)
9' Foul Goralski fouled by Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
8' Free Kick Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
8' Foul S. Okazaki fouled by Artur Jedrzejczyk (Poland)
8' Cross Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - Defended
5' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
5' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
5' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Completed Pass
4' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
3' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
3' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
2' Cross Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
2' Corner Kick Rafal Kurzawa (Poland) - Headed Out - In Play
1' Cross Kamil Grosicki (Poland) - Blocked
1' Throw-In Bartosz Bereszynski (Poland)
1' Start Half
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