World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Australia v France
Saturday, June 16, 2018
 Full TimeFS1/TELE
A. Griezmann (p) 58' 1-0 
 1-1M. Jedinak (p) 62'
A. Behich (og) 81' 2-1 
FRAA. Griezmann (p) 58' 1-0
AUSM. Jedinak (p) 62' 1-1
AUSA. Behich (og) 81' 2-1
HT: 0-0
Kazan Arena (Attendance: 41,279)
Referee: Andres Cunha
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CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
France vs. Australia
Minute Commentary
90' France wins it 2-0
Aided by the much-discussed VAR and a goal that just bounced over the line, France take a less than comfortable 3 points from a spirited Australian defense. After a first half that resembled what the sport looked like before the back-pass rule was introduced, France found more space in the second half. Other than the Samuel Umtiti error that led to the Australian goal, France looked good in attack but not at the level they will need to win the tournament.
90' And there's the whistle!
France escapes with the win!
90' Australia foul
Australia commit one last foul as Paul Pogba advances the ball up the field.
90' Australia threatening
Aaron Mooy sends in a cross but Benjamin Pavard clears it out for a throw. After the long thro crossed in a shot is blocked.
90' 3 minutes to go in stoppage time
Australia attempts to work it up the right side but France dig in and send it back the other way.
89' France squanders an open goal
N'Golo Kante takes the ball away and dribbles up the left wing. After Kylian Mbappe eludes Mathew Ryan he attempts to center it but Paul Pogba cannot get a shot off with Australia's defense in disarray.
88' France free kick too short
Nabil Fekir hits the free kick he earned directly into the wall.
87' Yellow card - Behich
Aziz Behich receives a yellow for his challenge on Nabil Fekir just outside the box.
84' Australia substitution - Arzani for Kruse
Daniel Arzani for Robbie Kruse
84' France keeping up the pressure
After another chunk of French attacking, Nabil Fekir has his corner punched away.
81' France scores! Pogba pokes it off the crossbar! 2-0 France!
Paul Pogba combines with Olivier Giroud and pokes it just high enough to clear the goalkeeper and catch the bottom of the corssbar. After a moment's hesitation as to whether the ball crossed the line the goal is given!
78' France substitution - Matuidi for Tolisso
Blaise Matuidi for Corentin Tolisso. Didier Deschamps makes his last sub hoping to fire up the offensive engine with about 15 minutes to play.
77' Australian free kick trickery
Following the foul on Juric, Aaron Mooy plays a free kick short and wide but it is cleared out for a throw-in.
76' Yellow card for Tolisso
Corentin Tolisso brings down Tomi Juric in midfield as the Australian forward attempts to run into space.
75' France counters but nothing comes of it
After a rare Australian foray forward hits a dead end in the corner, Paul Pogba sends it ahead to Nabil Fekir but his pass for Kylian Mbappe does not connect.
72' Australia substitution - Irvine for Rogic
Jackson Irvine for Tom Rogic. Rogic leaves after a good defensive shift.
72' France corner
Nabil Fekir hits a left-footed outswinger from the left corner but it is cleared. Benjamin Pavard attempts a leaping volley from distance but it is high.
70' France substitution - Fekir for Dembele
Nabil Fekir for Ousmane Dembele. Didier Deschamps attempts to revitalize the attack.
70' France substitution - Giroud for Griezmann
Olivier Giroud enters for Antoine Griezmann
69' Umtiti tries a shot from deep
Samuel Umtiti takes a rare look at goal from long distance but it is blocked.
67' Mbappe nearly receives a gift
Loose play in the back from Australia leads to a nervy run from Mathew Ryan to clear the ball before Kylian Mbappe runs onto it.
64' First substitution for Australia
Tomi Juric for Andrew Nabbout. Attacking energy to keep pressure up front with the game tied.
62' Jedinak scores the penalty! Australia ties it up 1-1!
After the unnecessary error from Samuel Umtiti gifts Australia a penalty kick, captain Mile Jedinak puts it low to the right as Hugo Lloris dives the other way. Australia equalizes!
60' Free kick for Australia - Handball on Umtiti!
Aaron Mooy curls in a free kick and nearly every Australian player in the area appeals for a handball. Replays clearly show Samuel Umtiti got a hand to it.
59' France comes right back
Kylian Mbappe strides into space on the left and France threatens again. Antoine Griezmann can't get much on a shot from the middle of the box and Mathew Ryan collects.
58' Griezmann slots it home! France lead 1-0!
Thanks to the VAR reversal Antoine Griezmann hits the penalty left-footed strong into the right side of the net. France is ahead!
57' After review - Penalty given! Yellow card for Risdon
Joshua Risdon receives a yellow card for the touch on the leg of Antoine Griezmann.
54' No foul? Risdon challenge under video review
Paul Pogba plays Antoine Griezmann through ahead of the defense and a Joshua Risdon challenge is not ruled a foul.
53' Real chance for Australia
Nice bit of pace up the right wing and a dangerous cross from Joshua Risdon is just cleared away.
51' Missed connection for Dembele
Ousmane Dembele dribbles across the top of the box and attempts to find Lucas Hernandez coming in from the left but he overhits the looping pass.
49' Reinforcements coming?
Olivier Giroud giving attention to his shoes on the bench could indicate the target man's impending arrival with his side looking for a goal.
48' Dangerous cross from Hernandez
Paul Pogba works it to Lucas Hernandez in space and he sends it in from the left side but it is cleared away.
46' 2nd half begins
France will look to make more chances and Australia will hope to stay as solid as the first half.
45' End of 1st Half
Australia must be happy with the result so far. The feared French attack has been disrupted and the score is still 0-0.
45' Behich creates two chances
In a rare show of attacking energy, Aziz Behich crosses it in and when the clearance is returned he strikes it high and wide to the right. After so many upfield clearances and seeming disinterest in offensive possession for the Australians, France looked surprised.
43' Australia clears another France chance
Paul Pogba sends it into Antoine Griezmann in the left side of the box but Australia continues to remain alert and clears it away. Better safe than sorry appears to be the attitude for Australia.
40' Australia pretends to counter
After a sub-par pass from Paul Pogba is intercepted Australia refuses to take advantage of their numbers moving forward and Aaron Mooy slows it down.
37' Griezmann puts his hip into it
As Kylian Mbappe squares to fire from the top of the box Antoine Griezmann is called for backing his defender out of the way.
35' France lacking creative rhythm
Despite many set piece opportunities and most of the possession, France still do not look comfortable in this game.
33' Corner for France
Lucas Hernandez hits a hard shot with his left foot cleared away for a Ousmane Dembele corner on the left. The Barcelona winger drives it in but it does not reach his teammates and Mathew Ryan catches easily.
31' Quick chance for France
Antoine Griezmann nearly brings down a pass over his shoulder ahead of the defense but Trent Sainsbury recovers. In an instant France had a pass in after taking the ball in midfield.
29' Ball pops!
All this physical play has even taken a toll on the match ball. Antoine Griezmann throws the ball back to the Australian defense in a good show of sportsmanship.
28' Australia with a free kick
Paul Pogba commits a foul outside the area. Aaron Mooy curls it into the danger area from 35 yards away but Hugo Lloris makes a confident jump and catch.
22' Australia trying their best in possession
Slowing down the game and being patient in their own half before launching balls down the wing over the world-class French midfield seems the early tactic for Australia.
20' Referee Andre Cunha talks to Jedinak
Consistent physical play from Australia since the start prompts Referee Andre Cunha to have a word with Mile Jedinak after a foul on Corentin Tolisso.
17' What a save from Lloris!
Aaron Mooy hits the free kick from the left wing and Lloris has to make a diving save on a Trent Sainsbury deflection, setting up a corner that is cleared upfield.
14' France corner
Set piece chances continue after the clearance. Ousmane Dembele puts in the corner from the left but eventually Australia clears.
13' Leckie earns a yellow
Another foul deep in the Australian half earns the winger the games first yellow. Aaron Mooy clears the ensuing Antoine Griezmann over the goal.
12' Free kick unsuccessful
Mathew Leckie makes a run and gets a head to it but floats it over the goalkeeper.
11' Australia with their first good chance
Foul down the left wing gives Australia their first free kick 30 yards from goal.
8' Free kick for France
From the left flank Kylian Mbappe hits it low and short and Antoine Griezmann attempts to head it down in the direction of goal. Good idea but the Australian defense handles it.
6' Another chance for France
France finding a lot of space in midfield and look comfortable around the Australian box. Griezmann takes a right-footed shot that skims across the turf. Mathew Ryan dives to his left for the save.
4' Free kick for France
Mark Milligan makes an unnecessary challenge 25 yards away from the goal. Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann stand over the ball but it is Pogba who hits it firm but dead center. Mathew Ryan makes the easy catch.
2' Griezmann sends it in
Antoine Griezmann hooks in the ball from the right corner but it is cleared for a throw-in.
2' Early corner for France
Kylian Mbappe makes a run down the right fires wide for a corner.
1' We are underway!
Australia in yellow, France in black/blue tops and white shorts.
0' The teams take the field
French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and Australian midfielder Mile Jedinak lead their respective squads out onto the sunny pitch. It is a beautiful day for a game. "La Marseillaise" plays first.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Hugo Lloris1
Benjamin Pavard2
Raphael Varane4
Samuel Umtiti5
Lucas François Bernard Hdez21
76' 78' Corentin Tolisso12
N'Golo Kante13
Paul Pogba6
70' Ousmane Dembele11
Kylian Mbappe10
70' 58' Antoine Griezmann7
Steve Mandanda16
Alphonse Aréola23
Adil Rami17
Djibril Sidibé19
Benjamin Mendy22
Presnel Kimpembe3
78' Blaise Matuidi14
Steven N'Zonzi15
70' Nabil Fekir18
70' Olivier Giroud9
Florian Thauvin20
Thomas Lemar8
1Mathew Ryan
19Joshua Risdon 57'
5Mark Milligan
20Trent Sainsbury
16Aziz Behich 87' 81' 
15Mile Jedinak 62' 
13Aaron Mooy
7Mathew Leckie 13'
23Tom Rogic 72'
10Robbie Kruse 84'
11Andrew Nabbout 64'
12Brad Jones
18Danny Vukovic
3James Meredith
6Matthew Jurman
2Milos Degenek
22Jackson Irvine 72'
8Massimo Luongo
17Daniel Arzani 84'
9Tomi Juric 64'
4Tim Cahill
21Dimitri Petratos
14Jamie MacLaren
Didier Deschamps 
Bert Van Marwijk 
1Hugo Lloris
2Benjamin Pavard
4Raphael Varane
5Samuel Umtiti
21Lucas Hernández
12Corentin Tolisso
Yellow Card 76'
Substitution Blaise Matuidi (on) 78'
13N'Golo Kanté
6Paul Pogba
11Ousmane Dembélé
Substitution Nabil Fekir (on) 70'
10Kylian Mbappé
7Antoine Griezmann
Substitution Olivier Giroud (on) 70'
Goal 58'
16Steve Mandanda
23Alphonse Aréola
17Adil Rami
19Djibril Sidibé
22Benjamin Mendy
3Presnel Kimpembe
14Blaise Matuidi
Substitution Blaise Matuidi (on) 78'
15Steven N'Zonzi
18Nabil Fekir
Substitution Nabil Fekir (on) 70'
9Olivier Giroud
Substitution Olivier Giroud (on) 70'
20Florian Thauvin
8Thomas Lemar
Didier Deschamps 
1Mathew Ryan
19Joshua Risdon
Yellow Card 57'
5Mark Milligan
20Trent Sainsbury
16Aziz Behich
Yellow Card 87'
Goal 81' Own Goal
15Mile Jedinak
Goal 62'
13Aaron Mooy
7Mathew Leckie
Yellow Card 13'
23Tom Rogic
Substitution Jackson Irvine (on) 72'
10Robbie Kruse
Substitution Daniel Arzani (on) 84'
11Andrew Nabbout
Substitution Tomi Juric (on) 64'
12Brad Jones
18Danny Vukovic
3James Meredith
6Matthew Jurman
2Milos Degenek
22Jackson Irvine
Substitution Tom Rogic (off) 72'
8Massimo Luongo
17Daniel Arzani
Substitution Robbie Kruse (off) 84'
9Tomi Juric
Substitution Andrew Nabbout (off) 64'
4Tim Cahill
21Dimitri Petratos
14Jamie MacLaren
Bert Van Marwijk 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
FranceFRA AustraliaAUS
2 Goals 1
0 Assists 0
13 Shots 4
5 Shots on Goal 1
1 Saves 4
1 Penalties Scored 1
1 Penalty Kicks 1
16 Crosses 14
5 Corner Kicks 1
0 Offside 0
16 Fouls Committed 19
1 Cautions/Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 0
52% Ball Possession 48%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Hugo Lloris 90 - 0 0 1 1
2Benjamin Pavard 90 0 0 0 - -
4Raphael Varane 90 0 0 0 - -
5Samuel Umtiti 90 0 0 0 - -
6Paul Pogba 90 0 0 0 - -
7Antoine Griezmann 70 1 0 0 - -
10Kylian Mbappe 90 0 0 0 - -
11Ousmane Dembele 70 0 0 0 - -
12Corentin Tolisso 78 0 1 0 - -
13N'Golo Kante 90 0 0 0 - -
21Lucas François Bernard Hdez 90 0 0 0 - -
9Olivier Giroud 20 0 0 0 - -
14Blaise Matuidi 12 0 0 0 - -
18Nabil Fekir 20 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Mathew Ryan 90 - 0 0 2 4
5Mark Milligan 90 0 0 0 - -
7Mathew Leckie 90 0 1 0 - -
10Robbie Kruse 84 0 0 0 - -
11Andrew Nabbout 64 0 0 0 - -
13Aaron Mooy 90 0 0 0 - -
15Mile Jedinak 90 1 0 0 - -
16Aziz Behich 90 0 1 0 - -
19Joshua Risdon 90 0 1 0 - -
20Trent Sainsbury 90 0 0 0 - -
23Tom Rogic 72 0 0 0 - -
9Tomi Juric 26 0 0 0 - -
17Daniel Arzani 6 0 0 0 - -
22Jackson Irvine 18 0 0 0 - -
FranceFRA vs. AustraliaAUS
Minute Event
90+6' Game Over France 2-1 Australia
90+6' Half Over France 2-1 Australia
90+6' Free Kick Raphael Varane (France)
90+5' Foul Pogba fouled by Mathew Leckie (Australia)
90+5' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
90+4' Shot Joshua Risdon (Australia)
90+4' Cross Aziz Behich (Australia) - Headed Out - In Play
90+4' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
90+4' Cross Aaron Mooy (Australia) - Clearance Out of Play
90+4' Cross Joshua Risdon (Australia) - Headed Out - In Play
90+3' Free Kick Mathew Leckie (Australia)
90+3' Foul Leckie fouled by Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
90+3' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
90+3' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
90+2' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
90+1' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
90+1' Foul Bernard Hdez fouled by Joshua Risdon (Australia)
90' Cross Aaron Mooy (Australia) - Headed Out - In Play
90' Cross Joshua Risdon (Australia) - Blocked
90' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
89' Cross Blaise Matuidi (France) - Blocked
89' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
88' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
88' Shot Nabil Fekir (France)
88' Free Kick Nabil Fekir (France)
87' Yellow Card Aziz Behich (Australia)
87' Foul Fekir fouled by Aziz Behich (Australia)
87' Free Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
86' Foul Sainsbury fouled by Olivier Giroud (France)
86' Free Kick Raphael Varane (France)
85' Foul Fekir fouled by Aaron Mooy (Australia)
85' Free Kick Mile Jedinak (Australia)
85' Foul Kylian Mbappe (France)
85' Goal Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
84' Substitution Daniel Arzani (on). Kruse (off). (Australia)
84' Shot Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
84' Cross Nabil Fekir (France) - Completed Pass
84' Corner Kick Nabil Fekir (France) - Completed Pass
83' Cross Blaise Matuidi (France) - Headed Out - In Play
80' Goal Paul Pogba (France). Assist by Giroud
80' Shot on Goal Paul Pogba (France)
79' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
78' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
78' Substitution Blaise Matuidi (on). Tolisso (off). (France)
78' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
77' Throw-In Joshua Risdon (Australia)
77' Cross Joshua Risdon (Australia) - Blocked
77' Free Kick Aaron Mooy (Australia)
76' Yellow Card Corentin Tolisso (France)
76' Foul Juric fouled by Corentin Tolisso (France)
76' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
74' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
73' Goal Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
72' Shot Benjamin Pavard (France)
72' Cross Nabil Fekir (France) - Headed Out - In Play
72' Corner Kick Nabil Fekir (France) - Headed Out - In Play
72' Free Kick Paul Pogba (France)
72' Substitution Jackson Irvine (on). Rogic (off). (Australia)
71' Foul Pogba fouled by Tom Rogic (Australia)
70' Throw-In Joshua Risdon (Australia)
70' Substitution Nabil Fekir (on). Dembele (off). (France)
70' Substitution Olivier Giroud (on). Griezmann (off). (France)
69' Shot Samuel Umtiti (France)
69' Cross Ousmane Dembele (France) - Headed Out - In Play
68' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
68' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
68' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
67' Throw-In Robbie Kruse (Australia)
67' Cross Aziz Behich (Australia) - Blocked
66' Free Kick Mark Milligan (Australia)
66' Foul Kruse fouled by Benjamin Pavard (France)
65' Goal Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
64' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
64' Substitution Tomi Juric (on). Nabbout (off). (Australia)
62' Penalty Goal Mile Jedinak (Australia)
62' Shot on Goal Mile Jedinak (Australia)
62' Free Kick Mile Jedinak (Australia)
60' Foul Samuel Umtiti (France)
60' Cross Aaron Mooy (Australia) - Foul
60' Free Kick Aaron Mooy (Australia)
60' Foul Rogic fouled by N'Golo Kante (France)
59' Shot Antoine Griezmann (France)
59' Shot Antoine Griezmann (France)
58' Penalty Goal Antoine Griezmann (France)
58' Shot on Goal Antoine Griezmann (France)
58' Free Kick Antoine Griezmann (France)
57' Yellow Card Joshua Risdon (Australia)
54' Foul Griezmann fouled by Joshua Risdon (Australia)
54' Free Kick Mark Milligan (Australia)
54' Foul Kruse fouled by Benjamin Pavard (France)
54' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
53' Free Kick Raphael Varane (France)
53' Foul Dembele fouled by Aziz Behich (Australia)
53' Cross Joshua Risdon (Australia) - Defended
52' Throw-In Robbie Kruse (Australia)
52' Goal Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
50' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
50' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
49' Free Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
48' Foul Bernard Hdez fouled by Mathew Leckie (Australia)
48' Free Kick Trent Sainsbury (Australia)
48' Foul Nabbout fouled by Samuel Umtiti (France)
48' Cross Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France) - Headed Out - In Play
47' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
47' Throw-In Kylian Mbappe (France)
47' Free Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
46' Foul Kruse fouled by Corentin Tolisso (France)
46' Throw-In Kylian Mbappe (France)
46' Free Kick Corentin Tolisso (France)
46' Foul Pavard fouled by Robbie Kruse (Australia)
46' Start Half
45+2' Half Over France 0-0 Australia
45+2' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
45+1' Goal Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
45' Shot Aziz Behich (Australia)
45' Shot Mathew Leckie (Australia)
45' Cross Aziz Behich (Australia) - Off Target
44' Cross Ousmane Dembele (France)
44' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
44' Cross Benjamin Pavard (France) - Clearance Out of Play
41' Free Kick Joshua Risdon (Australia)
41' Foul Rogic fouled by N'Golo Kante (France)
40' Free Kick Samuel Umtiti (France)
39' Foul Bernard Hdez fouled by Andrew Nabbout (Australia)
37' Free Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
37' Foul Sainsbury fouled by Antoine Griezmann (France)
37' Cross Benjamin Pavard (France) - Foul
36' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
34' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
34' Cross Ousmane Dembele (France)
34' Corner Kick Ousmane Dembele (France)
33' Shot Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
32' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
32' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
31' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
29' Throw-In Antoine Griezmann (France)
29' Cross Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France) - Blocked
28' Cross Aaron Mooy (Australia)
28' Free Kick Aaron Mooy (Australia)
28' Foul Leckie fouled by Paul Pogba (France)
27' Goal Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
26' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
25' Free Kick Corentin Tolisso (France)
25' Foul Tolisso fouled by Tom Rogic (Australia)
25' Cross Benjamin Pavard (France) - Clearance In Play
25' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
24' Throw-In Corentin Tolisso (France)
23' Free Kick Samuel Umtiti (France)
23' Foul Bernard Hdez fouled by Mathew Leckie (Australia)
23' Goal Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
20' Free Kick Raphael Varane (France)
20' Foul Tolisso fouled by Mile Jedinak (Australia)
20' Goal Kick Mathew Ryan (Australia)
19' Free Kick Samuel Umtiti (France)
19' Foul Umtiti fouled by Mathew Leckie (Australia)
18' Free Kick Samuel Umtiti (France)
18' Foul Varane fouled by Trent Sainsbury (Australia)
18' Cross Aaron Mooy (Australia) - Headed Out - In Play
18' Corner Kick Aaron Mooy (Australia) - Headed Out - In Play
17' Shot Mathew Leckie (Australia)
17' Cross Aaron Mooy (Australia) - Off Target
17' Free Kick Aaron Mooy (Australia)
17' Foul Kruse fouled by Benjamin Pavard (France)
16' Throw-In Robbie Kruse (Australia)
16' Throw-In Robbie Kruse (Australia)
14' Cross Ousmane Dembele (France) - Headed Out - In Play
14' Corner Kick Ousmane Dembele (France) - Headed Out - In Play
14' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - Out of Play
14' Free Kick Antoine Griezmann (France)
13' Yellow Card Mathew Leckie (Australia)
13' Foul Bernard Hdez fouled by Mathew Leckie (Australia)
13' Goal Kick Hugo Lloris (France)
12' Shot Mathew Leckie (Australia)
12' Cross Aaron Mooy (Australia) - Off Target
12' Free Kick Aaron Mooy (Australia)
11' Foul Kruse fouled by Benjamin Pavard (France)
11' Throw-In Joshua Risdon (Australia)
10' Free Kick Trent Sainsbury (Australia)
10' Foul Jedinak fouled by Ousmane Dembele (France)
10' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
8' Shot on Goal Antoine Griezmann (France)
8' Cross Kylian Mbappe (France) - On Target
8' Free Kick Kylian Mbappe (France)
7' Foul Bernard Hdez fouled by Joshua Risdon (Australia)
7' Free Kick Antoine Griezmann (France)
7' Foul Griezmann fouled by Aziz Behich (Australia)
6' Shot on Goal Antoine Griezmann (France)
6' Throw-In Aziz Behich (Australia)
5' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
5' Shot on Goal Paul Pogba (France)
5' Free Kick Paul Pogba (France)
4' Foul Mbappe fouled by Mark Milligan (Australia)
3' Throw-In Lucas François Bernard Hdez (France)
3' Cross Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
3' Corner Kick Antoine Griezmann (France) - Headed Out - In Play
2' Shot on Goal Kylian Mbappe (France)
1' Throw-In Benjamin Pavard (France)
1' Start Half
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