World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Costa Rica v Brazil
Friday, June 22, 2018
 Full TimeFS1/TELE
Costa RicaCRC
P. Coutinho  90+1' 1-0 
Neymar  90+7' 2-0 
BRAP. Coutinho  90+1' 1-0
BRANeymar  90+7' 2-0
HT: 0-0
Saint Petersburg Stadium (Attendance: 64,468)
Referee: Bjorn Kuipers
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Brazil vs. Costa Rica
Minute Commentary
90' Brazil win 2-0! Two goals in stoppage time!
Neymar drops to the turf in tears. This was a difficult victory. Denied a penalty and possibly carrying an injury, his team dealt with the frustration and put Costa Rica out of the tournament with a late winner.
90' Brazil make it 2-0! Costa to Neymar!
With time winding down, Douglas Costa has space in the side of the box to shoot. He cuts it back to Neymar who puts it into the net.
90' Marcelo sends in a cross - out for a corner
Brazil play the corner short and Neymar tries another bit of skill but Costa Rica clears away.
90' Brazil keep atacking
Brazil continue to possess in the Costa Rican half. Roberto Firmino plays a one-two with his ex-Liverpool teammate Philippe Coutinho but sends the right-footed shot high from close range.
90' Substitution - Brazil - Fernandinho for Jesus
Fernandinho enters for Gabriel Jesus.
90' Brazil finally score! 1-0! Coutinho makes a run!
After 90-plus minutes of frustration, Roberto Firmino receives a cross and heads it down to Gabriel Jesus who cannot get much on it. But behind him is a darting Philippe Coutinho who does not miss from the doorstep. Brazil celebrates more out of relief than joy.
90' Stoppage time - 6 minutes
Brazil have six minutes to find a goal
89' Neymar sends in a cross - Navas sends it away
After dribbling forward after taking a free kick short, Neymar sends in a long cross but Keylor Navas punches it away above the defense.
88' Duarte receives medical attention - Costa Rica slowing it down
Oscar Duarte collides with Neymar on the left side and stays down to receive treatment.
86' Long shot from Casemiro
Douglas Costa works it up the right and cuts it back to Casemiro. He hits it low and hard but right to his Real Madrid teammate Keylor Navas .
85' Coutinho tries a long shot
Costa Rica have everyone back behind the ball in front of a frustrated Brazil attack. Philippe Coutinho hits a shot from 25 yards but it bloops short and is caught easily by Keylor Navas.
84' Yellow card - Costa Rica - Acosta
Johnny Acosta takes his time and referee Bjorn Kuipers decides it was too much and he is booked.
83' Substitution - Costa Rica - Tejeda for Guzman
Yeltsin Tejeda enters for David Guzman.
81' Yellow card - Brazil - Coutinho
After the Neymar yellow card, Philippe Coutinho yells at Bjorn Kuipers and is booked just as quickly.
80' Yellow card - Brazil - Neymar
Neymar throws the ball into the ground in frustration and referee Bjorn Kuipers reacts immediately.
79' Neymar held - possible penalty - video review
After Neymar is pulled down while receiving the ball inside the box, referee Bjorn Kuipers heads to the screen. Quickly returning to the field, he rescinds the penalty.
77' Coutinho with a speculative effort
Neymar finds Coutinho cutting in on the left. He tries to hit it with the outside of his right boot but Keylor Navas catches easily.
76' Another Brazil corner
Neymar slips through but Costa Rica clear away the pass for a corner. Neymar sends it in from the right but the defense clears it calmly.
75' Substitution - Costa Rica - Calvo for Gamboa
Francisco Calvo enters for Cristian Gamboa.
72' Neymar shoots just wide
After Fagner stands tall on the right side to disrupt a Costa Rica attack, Brazil race forward and Neymar has a go from the center of the field just outside the box. His powerful right-footed shot curls just around the top right corner.
70' Brazil threatening again
After Neymar is knocked down again, Brazil have a corner but Casemiro hits the header down straight to Keylor Navas who catches it off the bounce.
68' Substitution - Firmino for Paullinho
Roberto Firmino enters for Paulinho.
68' Headers in the Brazil box
Costa Rica work it in deep and put the defense under real stress after a couple of aerial efforts. However, the final ball puts Johan Venegas in a offside position.
65' Marcelo playing more centrally now
Marcelo receives the ball deep and makes a run in. Paulinho makes a run from the right and is the target of Neymar's pass but the Barcelona midfielder cannot get his head to it and commits a foul in the process.
63' Neymar curls in a low shot
Keylor Navas gets down and blocks a low Neymar shot from 20 yards away.
61' Brazil attack on the break
After the corner is cleared by Marcelo, Neymar dribbles down the center and tries to find Douglas Costa who cannot get a foot on the pass.
60' Costa Rica with the corner
Costa Rica have their first corner kick of the game but it is hit too short.
58' Paulinho with another great pass
Douglas Costa works it in from the right, Paulinho receives the ball inside the box and dishes it straight out to his Barcelona teammate Philippe Coutinho. Keylor Navas gets down for the save on the low right-footed shot.
56' Navas denies Neymar
Paulinho cuts in a sideways cross and Neymar hits it first time. Keylor Navas rises to one-hand it over the bar for a corner.
54' Substitution - Costa Rica - Bolanos for Urena
Christian Bolanos enters for Marco Urena
53' Marcelo puts a cross too high
Neymar tries to penetrate in from the left and passes to Marcelo who sends it high and out at the back post.
51' Brazil with a series of corners
Douglas Costa sends in Brazil's thrid corner of the half but Bryan Ruiz gets low to head it away. Much more action inside the Costa Rica box so far in the second half.
49' Brazil with more chances
Gabriel Jesus puts a header off the bar and a Philippe Coutinho shot is blocked in the center of the box for a corner.
48' Great chance for Brazil
Paulinho and Gabriel Jesus combine along the right side of the box before the ball is sent in to the 6-yard box where Neymar cannot get much on it before colliding with Keylor Navas who controls the ball.
46' Substitution - Brazil - Douglas Costa for Willian
Douglas Costa enters for Willian. Willian worked hard in the first half to penetrate the right side of the Costa Rica defense but with not much to show for it.
46' Second half begins
Brazil have made a substitution during the break - Douglas Costa for Willian.
45' Costa Rica ends the half with a rare free kick
The last kick of the half comes via free kick from the right. The cross goes over everyone.
43' Costa Rica with 6 at the back
Brazil spend two minutes trying to find a seam in the back line but disciplined switching within the back line and on the wings prevents a chance from emerging.
41' Marcelo switches it up
In the left channel Marcelo takes a deft touch, switches onto his off-leg and has a shot. A low skimming right-footed shot is saved by Keylor Navas without much trouble.
39' Costa Rica with a rare counter
Following the corner Costa Rica head up the right side but Marco Urena is offside just outside the box and just outside of Alisson who was making a run himself.
37' Willian earns a corner
Willian has a cross blocked and takes the right corner himself. Paulinho slips or is brought down with ball headed his direction but the referee signals play on.
33' Willian with a shot
As long as it is outside the box, Costa Rica look comfortable with Brazil taking a shot. Willian cuts in from the right and his left-footed curler takes off high and wide.
31' Paulinho working hard in midfield
Paulinho drives the attack, retaining the ball in the center of the pitch and passing it to Neymar on the left who sends it across to Gabriel Jesus at the back post. Costa Rica recovers just in time.
30' Coutinho has a go
The inside-left space stays open and Philippe Coutinho tries his trademark move, working the ball onto his right foot but not getting the rising shot on target.
29' Marcelo looking to shoot
After Neymar drags the defense deep, Marcelo runs into the space behind just outside the left edge of the box. Another low left-footed shot goes wide.
27' Another chance for Brazil
Brazil keep coming down the left and Neymar runs onto a long ball inside the box. Keylor Navas is out early and effectively and Neymar cannot get a proper shot on it.
26' Gabriel Jesus offside
Marcelo and Neymar combine down the left. Marcelo tries a left-footed shot or pass that reaches Gabriel Jesus behind the back line. He sticks a shot in the net but the flag is up.
25' Long cross from Neymar too long
Neymar tries a cross from the left wing but it goes wide right of the goal. Willian found some space prior but a good clearance out-of-bounds by Cristian Gamboa stopped the attack without being called for a foul.
23' Another Brazil free kick
Gabriel Jesus is fouled in a familiar place - 35 yards outside the box - and Neymar hits the free kick direct to the edge of the box on the back side. The header is out and no second ball is available in a dangerous area.
20' Referee already under pressure
Philippe Coutinho and other Brazilian players have been using every foul inflicted on their star player to talk to referee Bjorn Kuipers about his handling of the Costa Rican tactical fouling. Kuipers calling a loose game so far.
18' Another challenge on Neymar earns a free kick
Neymar flicks it beautifully over his marker and is brought down along the wing. The ensuing free kick is caught comfortably by a leaping Keylor Navas near the back post.
17' Brazil free kick
After a foul on the left wing, Neymar sends in a pass from 35 yards out but it is headed away.
15' Neymar down
After a low-altitude aerial challenge with David Guzman, Neymar goes to ground in some discomfort. But he gets up and Brazil continue to patiently work the ball into the Costa Rican half.
13' Costa Rica with the best chance of the game
After a ball is cut back from the byline, Celso Borges finds space in the Brazil box but his shot heads out wide to the left.
11' Casemiro has a bloody nose
The Real Madrid defensive midfielder receives treatment on the sideline. Bit of gauze seems to do the trick.
10' Neymar takes the free kick
Neymar bends in the kick to the back post but the high ball is cleared away.
9' Willian working hard on the right
Willian slides a pass across but his effort is intercepted. Regaining possession, he gets taken down for the foul.
7' Costa Rica try the left side
Bryan Oviedo and Bryan Ruiz work it down the left side. After a throw-in the ball swings to Cristian Gamboa in space in the right channel. His shot blazes high over the goal.
3' Coutinho with a quick shot
Fagner sends in a cross and the ball finds Philippe Coutinho at the top of the box. He sends it high over the bar.
2' 5 in the back for Costa Rica
Two minutes in and Costa Rica already look comfortable sitting deep and compact with the full-backs darting up from a wide back line to defend along the wing.
1' Game begins
Brazil attack from the left in bright blue shirts, shorts and socks. Costa Rica defend from the right all in white with dark capped sleeves.
0' Brazil lineup changes
For Brazil, right-back Danilo has been replaced by Fagner and today Thiago captains the side.
0' Group E Matchday 2 - Brazil vs. Costa Rica
After a drab 1-1 showing against Switzerland that had some comparing it to Brazil's worst ever World Cup matches, the tournament favorites continue group play today against western hemisphere opponent Costa Rica. Despite injury concerns during the opening match and in practice, Brazilian star forward Neymar will start and will hope to find more space to operate after the Swiss gave the talented scorer little room to move without facing a kicking from a disciplined rotational fouling tactic that seemed to work. Costa Rica, meanwhile, will be hoping to score their first goal of the tournament after playing Serbia to a tight 1-0 loss in their first match. A perfect Aleksandar Kolarov free kick was the difference in an evenly fought, physical tie and the Costa Ricans will hope to find more space themselves behind the more adventurous Brazilian attack.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Thiago Silva2
68' Paulinho15
46' Willian19
81' 90+1' Philippe Coutinho11
81' 90+7' Neymar10
90+3' Gabriel Jesus9
Ederson Moraes23
Pedro Geromel4
90+3' Fernandinho17
Renato Augusto8
46' Douglas Costa7
68' Roberto Firmino20
Costa Rica
1Keylor Navas
16Cristian Gamboa 75'
3Giancarlo González
2Johnny Acosta 84'
6Óscar Duarte
8Bryan Oviedo
11Johan Venegas
20David Guzman 83'
5Celso Borges
10Bryan Ruiz
21Marco Urena 54'
18Patrick Pemberton
23Leonel Moreira
15Francisco Calvo 75'
19Kendall Waston
22Kenner Gutiérrez
4Ian Smith
7Christian Bolanos 54'
17Yeltsin Tejeda 83'
14Randall Azofeifa
13Rodney Wallace
9Daniel Colindres
12Joel Campbell
Óscar Ramírez 
22 Fagner
2 Thiago Silva
3 Miranda
12 Marcelo
5 Casemiro
15 Paulinho
Substitution Roberto Firmino (on) 68'
19 Willian
Substitution Douglas Costa (on) 46'
11Philippe Coutinho
Yellow Card 81'
Goal 90+1'
10 Neymar
Yellow Card 81'
Goal 90+7'
9 Gabriel Jesus
Substitution Fernandinho (on) 90+3'
16 Cássio
23 Ederson Moraes
6 Filipe Luis
4Pedro Geromel
13 Marquinhos
17 Fernandinho
Substitution Fernandinho (on) 90+3'
8 Renato Augusto
18 Fred
7 Douglas Costa
Substitution Douglas Costa (on) 46'
20Roberto Firmino
Substitution Roberto Firmino (on) 68'
21 Taison
Costa Rica
1Keylor Navas
16Cristian Gamboa
Substitution Francisco Calvo (on) 75'
3Giancarlo González
2Johnny Acosta
Yellow Card 84'
6Óscar Duarte
8Bryan Oviedo
11Johan Venegas
20David Guzmán
Substitution Yeltsin Tejeda (on) 83'
5Celso Borges
10Bryan Ruiz
21Marco Ureña
Substitution Christian Bolaños (on) 54'
18Patrick Pemberton
23Leonel Moreira
15Francisco Calvo
Substitution Cristian Gamboa (off) 75'
19Kendall Waston
22Kenner Gutiérrez
4Ian Smith
7Christian Bolaños
Substitution Marco Ureña (off) 54'
17Yeltsin Tejeda
Substitution David Guzmán (off) 83'
14Randall Azofeifa
13Rodney Wallace
9Daniel Colindres
12Joel Campbell
Óscar Ramírez 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
BrazilBRA Costa RicaCRC
2 Goals 0
2 Assists 0
23 Shots 4
9 Shots on Goal 0
0 Saves 7
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
42 Crosses 8
10 Corner Kicks 1
3 Offside 3
11 Fouls Committed 11
2 Cautions/Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
67% Ball Possession 33%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Alisson 90 - 0 0 0 0
2Thiago Silva 90 0 0 0 - -
3Miranda 90 0 0 0 - -
5Casemiro 90 0 0 0 - -
9Gabriel Jesus 89 0 0 0 - -
10Neymar 90 1 1 0 - -
11Philippe Coutinho 90 1 1 0 - -
12Marcelo 90 0 0 0 - -
15Paulinho 68 0 0 0 - -
19Willian 45 0 0 0 - -
22Fagner 90 0 0 0 - -
7Douglas Costa 45 0 0 0 - -
17Fernandinho 1 0 0 0 - -
20Roberto Firmino 22 0 0 0 - -

Costa Rica
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Keylor Navas 90 - 0 0 2 7
2Johnny Acosta 90 0 1 0 - -
3Giancarlo González 90 0 0 0 - -
5Celso Borges 90 0 0 0 - -
6Óscar Duarte 90 0 0 0 - -
8Bryan Oviedo 90 0 0 0 - -
10Bryan Ruiz 90 0 0 0 - -
11Johan Venegas 90 0 0 0 - -
16Cristian Gamboa 75 0 0 0 - -
20David Guzman 83 0 0 0 - -
21Marco Urena 54 0 0 0 - -
7Christian Bolanos 36 0 0 0 - -
15Francisco Calvo 15 0 0 0 - -
17Yeltsin Tejeda 7 0 0 0 - -
BrazilBRA vs. Costa RicaCRC
Minute Event
90+9' Game Over Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica
90+9' Half Over Brazil 2-0 Costa Rica
90+7' Goal Neymar (Brazil)
90+7' Shot on Goal Neymar (Brazil)
90+7' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - On Target
90+7' Throw-In Francisco Calvo (Costa Rica)
90+6' Corner Kick Douglas Costa (Brazil)
90+6' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
90+4' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
90+4' Shot Roberto Firmino (Brazil)
90+3' Substitution Fernandinho (on). Gabriel Jesus (off). (Brazil)
90+1' Goal Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
90+1' Shot on Goal Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
90+1' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Completed Pass
90+1' Injury Time (Costa Rica)
90+1' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
90+1' Foul Miranda fouled by Johan Venegas (Costa Rica)
89' Cross Neymar (Brazil)
89' Free Kick Marcelo (Brazil)
87' Foul Neymar fouled by Óscar Duarte (Costa Rica)
87' Shot on Goal Casemiro (Brazil)
86' Throw-In Roberto Firmino (Brazil)
85' Shot on Goal Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
85' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Blocked
85' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Defended
85' Cross Fagner (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
84' Throw-In Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica)
84' Yellow Card Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica)
84' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
83' Substitution Yeltsin Tejeda (on). Guzman (off). (Costa Rica)
82' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
82' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
82' Cross Marcelo (Brazil)
81' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
81' Yellow Card Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
81' Yellow Card Neymar (Brazil)
81' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Blocked
80' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
78' Throw-In Giancarlo González (Costa Rica)
77' Cross Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
76' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
76' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
76' Shot Neymar (Brazil)
75' Free Kick Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica)
75' Substitution Francisco Calvo (on). Gamboa (off). (Costa Rica)
75' Foul Venegas fouled by Neymar (Brazil)
74' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
72' Shot Neymar (Brazil)
71' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
70' Shot on Goal Casemiro (Brazil)
70' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - On Target
70' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - On Target
70' Cross Casemiro (Brazil) - Clearance Out of Play
70' Shot Thiago Silva (Brazil)
70' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Off Target
70' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Off Target
68' Free Kick Alisson (Brazil)
68' Substitution Roberto Firmino (on). Paulinho (off). (Brazil)
68' Offside Johan Venegas (Costa Rica)
67' Cross Bryan Ruiz (Costa Rica) - Headed Out - In Play
67' Throw-In Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica)
67' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
66' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
65' Foul Duarte fouled by Paulinho (Brazil)
65' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Foul
65' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
64' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
64' Shot on Goal Neymar (Brazil)
63' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
63' Free Kick Giancarlo González (Costa Rica)
62' Foul Venegas fouled by Miranda (Brazil)
62' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
61' Shot Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
60' Shot Óscar Duarte (Costa Rica)
60' Cross Cristian Gamboa (Costa Rica) - Headed Out - In Play
60' Cross Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica) - Headed Out - In Play
60' Corner Kick Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica) - Headed Out - In Play
59' Cross Christian Bolanos (Costa Rica) - Blocked
59' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
58' Foul Gamboa fouled by Neymar (Brazil)
58' Shot on Goal Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
58' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Completed Pass
57' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
57' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
57' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Blocked
57' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Blocked
56' Shot on Goal Neymar (Brazil)
56' Cross Paulinho (Brazil) - On Target
55' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
55' Throw-In Bryan Oviedo (Costa Rica)
54' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
54' Substitution Christian Bolanos (on). Urena (off). (Costa Rica)
53' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Directly Out
53' Throw-In Cristian Gamboa (Costa Rica)
51' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
51' Corner Kick Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
51' Cross Casemiro (Brazil) - Blocked
51' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
51' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
50' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - Out of Play
50' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Completed Pass
50' Shot Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
49' Shot Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
49' Cross Fagner (Brazil) - Off Target
49' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
48' Foul Navas fouled by Neymar (Brazil)
48' Shot Neymar (Brazil)
48' Cross Fagner (Brazil) - Off Target
46' Substitution Douglas Costa (on). Willian (off). (Brazil)
46' Start Half
45+2' Half Over Brazil 0-0 Costa Rica
45+2' Cross David Guzman (Costa Rica) - Directly Out
45+2' Free Kick David Guzman (Costa Rica)
45+1' Foul Urena fouled by Miranda (Brazil)
45+1' Injury Time (Costa Rica)
45+1' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
45' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
44' Offside Neymar (Brazil)
43' Cross Paulinho (Brazil) - Completed Pass
42' Cross Fagner (Brazil)
42' Free Kick Casemiro (Brazil)
42' Foul Coutinho fouled by Bryan Ruiz (Costa Rica)
41' Shot on Goal Marcelo (Brazil)
40' Free Kick Giancarlo González (Costa Rica)
40' Foul Ruiz fouled by Willian (Brazil)
39' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
39' Offside Marco Urena (Costa Rica)
39' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Defended
39' Corner Kick Willian (Brazil) - Defended
38' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Blocked
38' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
37' Free Kick Thiago Silva (Brazil)
37' Foul Thiago Silva fouled by Marco Urena (Costa Rica)
37' Throw-In Óscar Duarte (Costa Rica)
36' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
36' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
34' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
34' Shot Willian (Brazil)
33' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
33' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
32' Free Kick David Guzman (Costa Rica)
32' Foul Ruiz fouled by Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
32' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
31' Offside Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
31' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Offside
31' Throw-In Óscar Duarte (Costa Rica)
30' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
30' Shot Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
30' Throw-In Neymar (Brazil)
29' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
29' Shot Marcelo (Brazil)
29' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
28' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
28' Foul Gamboa fouled by Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
27' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
27' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
26' Offside Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
26' Shot Marcelo (Brazil)
26' Throw-In Neymar (Brazil)
25' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
25' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Directly Out
25' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
23' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
23' Offside Marco Urena (Costa Rica)
23' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
23' Shot Thiago Silva (Brazil)
23' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Off Target
23' Free Kick Neymar (Brazil)
22' Foul Gabriel Jesus fouled by Óscar Duarte (Costa Rica)
22' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
21' Cross Cristian Gamboa (Costa Rica) - Completed Pass
21' Throw-In Cristian Gamboa (Costa Rica)
19' Cross Johan Venegas (Costa Rica) - Clearance In Play
19' Free Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
19' Foul Navas fouled by Miranda (Brazil)
19' Cross Neymar (Brazil)
19' Free Kick Neymar (Brazil)
18' Foul Neymar fouled by Johan Venegas (Costa Rica)
18' Free Kick Paulinho (Brazil)
18' Foul Willian fouled by Bryan Oviedo (Costa Rica)
17' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
17' Free Kick Neymar (Brazil)
16' Foul Neymar fouled by Cristian Gamboa (Costa Rica)
15' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
15' Foul Neymar fouled by David Guzman (Costa Rica)
15' Shot Bryan Oviedo (Costa Rica)
14' Throw-In Bryan Oviedo (Costa Rica)
13' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
13' Shot Celso Borges (Costa Rica)
13' Free Kick Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica)
12' Foul Acosta fouled by Neymar (Brazil)
11' Throw-In Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica)
10' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
10' Free Kick Neymar (Brazil)
9' Foul Willian fouled by David Guzman (Costa Rica)
9' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
7' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
7' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
7' Shot Cristian Gamboa (Costa Rica)
6' Throw-In Bryan Oviedo (Costa Rica)
6' Cross Bryan Ruiz (Costa Rica) - Blocked
4' Goal Kick Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)
3' Shot Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
3' Cross Fagner (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
2' Free Kick Fagner (Brazil)
2' Foul Willian fouled by Bryan Ruiz (Costa Rica)
1' Throw-In Bryan Oviedo (Costa Rica)
1' Start Half
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart

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