World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Spain v Portugal
Friday, June 15, 2018
 Full TimeFOX/TELE
C. Ronaldo (p) 4' 1-0 
 1-1D. Costa  24'
C. Ronaldo  44' 2-1 
 2-2D. Costa  55'
 2-3Nacho  58'
C. Ronaldo  88' 3-3 
PORC. Ronaldo (p) 4' 1-0
ESPD. Costa  24' 1-1
PORC. Ronaldo  44' 2-1
ESPD. Costa  55' 2-2
ESPNacho  58' 2-3
PORC. Ronaldo  88' 3-3
HT: 2-1
Fisht Stadium (Attendance: 43,866)
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi
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CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Portugal vs. Spain
Minute Commentary
90' Sign Off
Thank you for joining us for Day 2’s game! If the rest of the tournament will be as entertaining as today’s games, then the next month of football will be absolutely exhilarating. Please tune in to our coverage tomorrow, where France faces Australia, Argentina takes on Iceland, Peru plays Denmark, and Croatia finishes off the day against Nigeria.
90' Final Analysis
A marquee matchup between Spain and Portugal lived up to the hype surrounding it. As predicted, Cristiano Ronaldo did what Cristiano Ronaldo does: score goals. He scored 3 today, including the spectacular free kick which brought the game level at 3. However, it was Spain’s Nacho who scored a goal that will be in discussion for goal of the tournament. Spain looked like they were going to coast to a victory, but the two mistakes by De Gea and Pique will leave Spain disappointed. Spain will go on to play Iran and Portugal will play Morocco in their next matches on June 20th.
90' Final
The final whistle blows at Fisht Olympic Stadium in an absolutely spectacular match, tied at 3-3
90' Ronaldo Shot
Ronaldo looks for his fourth but his header is blocked by the defender on the way through
90' Quaresma's Chance
Ricardo Quaresma dribbles past two defenders and unleashes a low drive which is blocked by Koke before getting to David De Gea.
87' Ronaldo's Hat-Trick
Cristiano Ronaldo steps up to take the free kick and curls it over the wall into the back of the net. David De Gea didn't even move. A silly foul by Gerard Pique led to the free kick.
85' Final Substitution
David Silva is being subbed off for Lucas Vazquez. David Silva set up Diego Costa's second goal, playing the initial ball into Sergio Busquets.
81' Aspas Shot
Iago Aspas has a go from outside the box but the ball travels right into the arms of Rui Patricio
79' Final Substitution
Andre Silva comes on for Goncalo Guedes. Fernando Santos will hope that he is the answer Portugal are looking for to get a point out of this match.
78' Ronaldo's Counter
Cristiano Ronaldo looks to chip David De Gea on the counter but is stuffed at the point of contact.
76' Spain Substitution
Diego Costa comes out after scoring two goals and is replaced by Iago Aspas.
75' Quaresma Shot
Ricardo Quaresma has an outside the foot shot that goes over the bar.
71' Portugal Goal Mouth Scramble
Portugal tries to equalize following a corner but no shots hit the target.
70' Diego Costa Shot
Diego Costa scuffs a shot wide of the post that Jordi Alba perfectly places in his path.
69' Spain Substitution
The Spanish legend Andres Iniesta is replaced by Bayern Munich's Thiago. Fernando Hierro will look for Thiago to provide fresh legs in the center of midfield.
68' Portugal Substitution
Bernardo Silva comes off for Ricardo Quaresma who will look to provide pass and width for the Portuguese side.
67' Portugal Substitution
Joao Mario comes in for Bruno Fernandes. Fernando Santos will hope Joao Mario will find a way to spark Portugal's attack and find the equalizer.
57' Goal Nacho
Nacho scores an absolute screamer off the volley which no keeper in the world would be able to save. It followed a sequence which the ball squirted out of the Portugal defense and hit the post. Nacho's first international goal will be remembered for days to come and will be a contender for goal of the tournament.
57' Goal!
Spain takes the lead for the first time, 3-2
54' Goal Diego Costa
Diego Costa nets his second goal following a beautifully run free kick where David Silva found Sergio Busquets back post, who headed across the goal mouth where Diego Costa calmly tapped it in.
54' Goal!
Spain equalize again at 2-2
48' Bruno Fernandes Shot
Bruno Fernandes has an effort outside the box but misses wide right after winning the ball back from Andres Iniesta.
46' Second Half
Gianluca Rocchi blows the whiste to start the second half. The teams have switched sides with Portugal now attack from left to right.
45' Half Analysis
Portugal will be extremely happy at the half after taking the lead late against Spain. Portugal started off hot early, when Cristiano Ronaldo earned himself a penalty which he converted. Spain then took control for most of the first half with their elegant passing, leading to many goal scoring opportunities. However, their goal came from an amazing individual effort from Diego Costa, slotting it passed a diving Rui Patricio. Portugal retook the lead with a shot that will give David De Gea nightmares for weeks to come, as well as give fans flashback to Rob Green’s blunder against the United States, when he fumbled the ball into his own net. Spain do have some positives, owning most of the possession but must do better dealing with Portugal’s counter attacks. As for Portugal, the obvious thing to do is to give the ball to Ronaldo and let him do what he does.
45' Halftime
Gianluca Rocchi blows the whistle following the corner to end an exciting first half from these two footballing giants.
43' Goal Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo unleashes a strike with his left foot which David De Gea fumbles into the goal.
43' Goal
Portugal retakes the lead, 2-1
41' Isco Shot
Isco sends a left footed curler towards goal which is no trouble for Rui Patricio.
38' Spain Corner
David Silva hits an outswinger from the corner and winds up on Sergio Busquets head near the penalty spot but misses the target.
34' Iniesta Shot
The Spanish legend, Andres Iniesta looks for a goal but misses his shot wide. The play was beautifully set up by Spain's classic tiki-taka passing, with Jordi Alba on the cross.
28' Spain Free Kick
David Silva has a go at goal from the free kick but can’t get past the wall.
27' Portugal Yellow Card
Bruno Fernandes earns a yellow card after a late tackle on Nacho.
25' Isco Hits The Bar
Isco launches a rocket from outside the box which cannons off the cross bar and looks to cross the goal line. Spain players insist it was a goal and to review it, but goal line technology says no goal.
23' Goal Diego Costa
Diego Costa shows a masterful display of patience to hold the ball past three Portuguese defenders and places in the bottom left corner of the goal. Portuguese players are mad after it appears the Costa hit Pepe in the throat.
23' Goal!
Spain get the equaliser, 1-1
20' David Silva Shot
Andres Iniesta dribbles masterfully through Portugal's defense and sets up David Silva who hits it into the Portuguese defender and goes out of play for a corner
17' Ronaldo Shot
Cristiano Ronaldo steps up to take a free kick but puts it right into the wall with high velocity.
16' Spain Yellow Card
Sergio Busquets with the reckless challenge on Goncalo Guedes leads to him being the first player in the referees book.
16' Portugal Counter
Goncalo Guedes uses his pace to start a counter attack but his shot from outside the box hits Sergio Ramos and goes out of play.
9' David Silva Shot
David Silva hits a shot over the bar after Diego Costa sets it up for him for Spain's first real opportunity.
3' Goal
Three minutes in and Cristiano Ronaldo calmly puts away the penalty, sending David De Gea the wrong way.
2' Penalty!
Cristiano Ronaldo goes down in the box after being tripped by his Real Madrid teammate Nacho. A delay as the Video Assisted Referee confirms the penalty.
1' Kickoff
Gianluca Rocchi blows his whistle and we are underway in Sochi. Portugal wears all red and will attack from right to left in the first half. Spain wears their all white kit.
0' Fisht Olympic Stadium
Today’s match takes place at Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi. Originally constructed for the 2014 Winter Olympics, the 40,000 seat stadium was opened as a football stadium in 2016.
0' History
The Portugal versus Spain rivalry dates back to 1921. The series favors Spain who have won 18 matches, drawn 12, and lost 6 against Portugal. The last time these two football powerhouses met in the World Cup was in 2010 in the Round of 16, where David Villa scored a 63’ winner, starting Spain’s march to the World Cup title
0' Spain
Spain Substitutions: Kepa Arrizabalaga, Marco Asensio, Iago Aspas, Cesar Azpilicueta, Dani Carvajal, Nacho Monreal, Alvaro Odriozola, Pepe Reina, Rodrigo, Saul, Thiago, Lucas Vazquez
0' Spain
Spain (4-2-3-1): David De Gea; Nacho, Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba; Sergio Busquets, Koke; David Silva, Isco, Andres Iniesta; Diego Costa; Fernando Hierro
0' Portugal
Portugal Substitutions: Beto, Ruben Dias, Manuel Fernandes, Joao Mario, Anthony Lopes, Gelson Martins, Bruno Alves, Ricardo Pereira, Ricardo Quaresma, Mario Rui, Adrien Silva, Andre Silva
0' Portugal
Portugal (4-2-3-1): Rui Patricio; Cedric, Pepe, Jose Fonte, Raphael Guerreiro; William Carvalho, Joao Moutinho; Bernardo Silva, Goncalo Guedes, Bruno Fernandes; Cristiano Ronaldo; Fernando Santos
0' Spain Preview
Spain look to repeat their 2010 World Cup performance which they won, while trying to avoid their 2014 World Cup performance which they failed to make it out of the group stage. The big news coming out of the Spain camp is the firing of manager Julen Lopetegui on the eve of the start of the World Cup. Lopetegui did not lose a match while managing Spain. Spain players have rallied together, with Gerard Pique referencing the 1989 Michigan Wolverines basketball team, implying that they can win, even with the new manager.
0' Portugal Preview
The 2016 UEFA European Champions will look to make it out of the group stage after failing to do so in 2014. In what might be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last World Cup, Ronaldo will be looking for glory. He will have help from an experienced defense, led by goalie Rui Patricio and stalwart center back Pepe, while Goncalo Guedes and Bernardo Silva will look to provide pace and support on the wings.
0' Welcome!
In what will be one of the marquee match ups in the group stages of the World Cup, we see Portugal face off against Spain in Group B. Kickoff is a little under an hour away so let’s take a look at today’s starting lineups and analyze the team news coming out of their respective base camps.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Rui Rui Patricio1
Cedric Soares21
José Fonte6
Raphael Guerreiro5
William Carvalho14
Joao Joao Moutinho8
69' Bernardo Silva11
80' Gonçalo Guedes17
28' 68' Bruno Fernandes16
4' 44' 88' Cristiano Ronaldo7
Anthony Lopes12
Bruno Alves2
Ricardo Pereira15
Mario Rui19
Ruben Dias13
68' Joao Mario10
Manuel Fernandes4
Adrien Silva23
69' Ricardo Quaresma20
80' André André Silva9
Gelson Martins18
1David De Gea
4Nacho 58' 
3Gerard Piqué
15Sergio Ramos
18Jordi Alba
5Sergio Busquets 17'
21David Silva 86'
6Andrés Iniesta 70'
19Diego Costa 77' 24'  55' 
23Pepe Reina
13Kepa Arrizabalaga
16Nacho Monreal
14César Azpilicueta
2Dani Carvajal
12Alvaro Odriozola
10Thiago Thiago Alcántara 70'
20Marco Asensio
17Iago Aspas 77'
11Lucas Vazquez 86'
Fernando Manuel Santos 
Fernando Hierro 
1Rui Rui Patricio
21Cedric Cédric
3 Pepe
6José Fonte
5Raphael Guerreiro
14William Carvalho
8Joao Moutinho
11Bernardo Silva
Substitution Ricardo Quaresma (on) 69'
17Gonçalo Guedes
Substitution André Silva (on) 80'
16Bruno Fernandes
Yellow Card 28'
Substitution Joao Mário (on) 68'
7Cristiano Ronaldo
Goal 4'
Goal 44'
Goal 88'
12Anthony Lopes
22 Beto
2Bruno Alves
15Ricardo Pereira
19Mário Rui
13Rúben Dias
10 Joao Mário
Substitution Joao Mário (on) 68'
4Manuel Fernandes
23Adrien Silva
20Ricardo Quaresma
Substitution Ricardo Quaresma (on) 69'
9André Silva
Substitution André Silva (on) 80'
18Gelson Martins
Fernando Manuel Santos 
1David De Gea
4 Nacho
Goal 58'
3Gerard Piqué
15Sergio Ramos
18Jordi Alba
5Sergio Busquets
Yellow Card 17'
8 Koke
21David Silva
Substitution Lucas Vázquez (on) 86'
22 Isco
6Andrés Iniesta
Substitution Thiago Alcántara (on) 70'
19Diego Costa
Substitution Iago Aspas (on) 77'
Goal 24'
Goal 55'
23Pepe Reina
13Kepa Arrizabalaga
16Nacho Monreal
14César Azpilicueta
2Dani Carvajal
12Álvaro Odriozola
10Thiago Alcántara
Substitution Andrés Iniesta (off) 70'
7 Saúl
20Marco Asensio
17Iago Aspas
Substitution Diego Costa (off) 77'
11Lucas Vázquez
Substitution David Silva (off) 86'
9 Rodrigo
Fernando Hierro 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
PortugalPOR SpainESP
3 Goals 3
1 Assists 1
8 Shots 12
3 Shots on Goal 5
2 Saves 0
1 Penalties Scored 0
1 Penalty Kicks 0
15 Crosses 17
4 Corner Kicks 5
1 Offside 3
12 Fouls Committed 10
1 Cautions/Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
38% Ball Possession 62%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Rui Rui Patricio 90 - 0 0 3 2
3Pepe 90 0 0 0 - -
5Raphael Guerreiro 90 0 0 0 - -
6José Fonte 90 0 0 0 - -
7Cristiano Ronaldo 90 3 0 0 - -
8Joao Joao Moutinho 90 0 0 0 - -
11Bernardo Silva 69 0 0 0 - -
14William Carvalho 90 0 0 0 - -
16Bruno Fernandes 68 0 1 0 - -
17Gonçalo Guedes 80 0 0 0 - -
21Cedric Soares 90 0 0 0 - -
9André André Silva 10 0 0 0 - -
10Joao Mario 22 0 0 0 - -
20Ricardo Quaresma 21 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1David De Gea 90 - 0 0 3 0
3Gerard Piqué 90 0 0 0 - -
4Nacho 90 1 0 0 - -
5Sergio Busquets 90 0 1 0 - -
6Andrés Iniesta 70 0 0 0 - -
8Koke 90 0 0 0 - -
15Sergio Ramos 90 0 0 0 - -
18Jordi Alba 90 0 0 0 - -
19Diego Costa 77 2 0 0 - -
21David Silva 86 0 0 0 - -
22Isco 90 0 0 0 - -
10Thiago Thiago Alcántara 20 0 0 0 - -
11Lucas Vazquez 4 0 0 0 - -
17Iago Aspas 13 0 0 0 - -
PortugalPOR vs. SpainESP
Minute Event
90+5' Game Over Portugal 3-3 Spain
90+5' Half Over Portugal 3-3 Spain
90+5' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
90+5' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
90+5' Cross Isco (Spain) - Blocked
90+3' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
90+2' Shot Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
90+2' Cross Joao Mario (Portugal) - Off Target
90+2' Cross Cedric (Portugal) - Completed Pass
90+2' Shot Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal)
90+1' Cross Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal) - Completed Pass
90+1' Corner Kick Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal) - Completed Pass
90+1' Cross Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal) - Blocked
90+1' Injury Time (Spain)
90+1' Cross Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal) - Completed Pass
90+1' Corner Kick Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal) - Completed Pass
90' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
90' Free Kick Joao Mario (Portugal)
90' Foul Joao Mario fouled by Gerard Piqué (Spain)
89' Free Kick Pepe (Portugal)
89' Offside Isco (Spain)
88' Goal Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
88' Shot on Goal Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
88' Free Kick Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
86' Foul Ronaldo fouled by Gerard Piqué (Spain)
86' Goal Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
86' Substitution Lucas Vazquez (on). Silva (off). (Spain)
85' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
84' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
83' Free Kick Joao Mario (Portugal)
83' Foul Joao Moutinho fouled by David Silva (Spain)
83' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
82' Shot on Goal Iago Aspas (Spain)
80' Free Kick David De Gea (Spain)
80' Substitution André André Silva (on). Guedes (off). (Portugal)
79' Foul Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal)
79' Free Kick Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
78' Foul Guedes fouled by Nacho (Spain)
78' Free Kick Gerard Piqué (Spain)
78' Foul Koke fouled by Joao Mario (Portugal)
78' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
77' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
77' Substitution Iago Aspas (on). Costa (off). (Spain)
76' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
76' Shot Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal)
76' Throw-In Cedric (Portugal)
76' Cross Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal) - Blocked
75' Free Kick Pepe (Portugal)
75' Foul Quaresma fouled by Jordi Alba (Spain)
72' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
72' Throw-In Joao Joao Moutinho (Portugal)
72' Shot Pepe (Portugal)
72' Cross Joao Joao Moutinho (Portugal) - Off Target
72' Corner Kick Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal) - Completed Pass
71' Cross Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal) - Blocked
71' Goal Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
71' Shot Diego Costa (Spain)
71' Cross Jordi Alba (Spain) - Off Target
70' Free Kick Koke (Spain)
70' Substitution Thiago Thiago Alcántara (on). Iniesta (off). (Spain)
69' Substitution Ricardo Quaresma (on). Silva (off). (Portugal)
69' Foul Isco fouled by William Carvalho (Portugal)
68' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
68' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
68' Substitution Joao Mario (on). Fernandes (off). (Portugal)
67' Throw-In Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
65' Cross Nacho (Spain) - Defended by Keeper
63' Free Kick Jordi Alba (Spain)
63' Foul Isco fouled by Bernardo Silva (Portugal)
63' Cross Joao Joao Moutinho (Portugal) - Completed Pass
63' Corner Kick Joao Joao Moutinho (Portugal) - Completed Pass
62' Cross Bruno Fernandes (Portugal) - Clearance Out of Play
62' Free Kick Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
62' Foul Isco fouled by Cedric (Portugal)
61' Throw-In Cedric (Portugal)
61' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
61' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
60' Cross Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal) - Headed Out - In Play
60' Free Kick Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
59' Foul Ronaldo fouled by Nacho (Spain)
59' Free Kick José Fonte (Portugal)
59' Foul Fonte fouled by David Silva (Spain)
58' Goal Nacho (Spain)
58' Shot on Goal Nacho (Spain)
57' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
56' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
56' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
55' Goal Diego Costa (Spain). Assist by Busquets
55' Shot on Goal Diego Costa (Spain)
54' Free Kick David Silva (Spain)
54' Foul Iniesta fouled by Joao Joao Moutinho (Portugal)
53' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
52' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
50' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
50' Free Kick Sergio Busquets (Spain)
50' Foul Busquets fouled by Gonçalo Guedes (Portugal)
50' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
49' Shot Bruno Fernandes (Portugal)
49' Cross Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal) - Defended
48' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
48' Free Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
47' Offside David Silva (Spain)
47' Throw-In Isco (Spain)
46' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
46' Start Half
45+2' Half Over Portugal 2-1 Spain
45+1' Cross Isco (Spain)
45+1' Corner Kick Isco (Spain)
45+1' Cross Isco (Spain) - Blocked
45+1' Injury Time (Spain)
44' Goal Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal). Assist by Guedes
44' Shot on Goal Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
44' Cross Cedric (Portugal) - Headed Out - In Play
43' Cross Isco (Spain)
43' Corner Kick Isco (Spain)
43' Cross Jordi Alba (Spain) - Clearance Out of Play
42' Shot on Goal Isco (Spain)
42' Free Kick Sergio Busquets (Spain)
41' Foul Costa fouled by Pepe (Portugal)
41' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
40' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
39' Goal Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
39' Shot Sergio Busquets (Spain)
39' Cross David Silva (Spain) - Off Target
39' Corner Kick David Silva (Spain) - Off Target
37' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
37' Cross Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal) - Directly Out
36' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
35' Goal Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
35' Shot Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
35' Cross Jordi Alba (Spain) - Off Target
33' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
32' Free Kick Koke (Spain)
32' Foul Busquets fouled by Pepe (Portugal)
31' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
31' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
30' Goal Kick David De Gea (Spain)
29' Cross Koke (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
29' Shot David Silva (Spain)
29' Free Kick David Silva (Spain)
28' Yellow Card Bruno Fernandes (Portugal)
27' Foul Nacho fouled by Bruno Fernandes (Portugal)
27' Cross Diego Costa (Spain)
26' Free Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
26' Offside Jordi Alba (Spain)
26' Shot Isco (Spain)
24' Goal Diego Costa (Spain)
24' Shot on Goal Diego Costa (Spain)
23' Cross Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal) - Headed Out - In Play
23' Throw-In Jordi Alba (Spain)
22' Throw-In Cedric (Portugal)
22' Cross Koke (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
22' Corner Kick Koke (Spain) - Headed Out - In Play
21' Shot David Silva (Spain)
21' Throw-In Isco (Spain)
21' Cross Isco (Spain) - Blocked
20' Goal Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
19' Free Kick David De Gea (Spain)
18' Foul Nacho fouled by Pepe (Portugal)
18' Shot Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
18' Free Kick Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
17' Yellow Card Sergio Busquets (Spain)
17' Foul Guedes fouled by Sergio Busquets (Spain)
17' Throw-In Cedric (Portugal)
17' Shot Gonçalo Guedes (Portugal)
16' Cross Nacho (Spain) - Blocked
16' Cross Isco (Spain) - Completed Pass
14' Cross Jordi Alba (Spain)
14' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
13' Corner Kick Isco (Spain) - Completed Pass
10' Goal Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
10' Shot David Silva (Spain)
10' Cross Isco (Spain) - Completed Pass
8' Goal Kick Rui Rui Patricio (Portugal)
8' Throw-In Nacho (Spain)
8' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
7' Free Kick Sergio Ramos (Spain)
6' Offside Gonçalo Guedes (Portugal)
6' Free Kick Pepe (Portugal)
6' Foul Ronaldo fouled by Sergio Busquets (Spain)
4' Penalty Goal Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
4' Shot on Goal Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
4' Free Kick Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
3' Foul Ronaldo fouled by Nacho (Spain)
1' Throw-In Raphael Guerreiro (Portugal)
1' Start Half
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart

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